After 21 years as a pastor’s wife, Erin is now learning what it is to be a navy chaplain’s wife, her husband John having recently joined the Canadian Armed Forces. As mom and home educator to four amazing children, she has become a lifelong learner who is passionate about educational philosophy. A lover of languages, she has learned a little Latin and a lot of Hebrew in recent years and spends way too much time reading really old books. A timid tourist turned passionate pilgrim, she has travelled and led travellers to the Holy Land and dreams of doing so again someday. After decades of music ministry and worship leading, she is now responding to a call to proclaim God’s goodness and faithfulness through a different form of creative ministry — writing and speaking.

The end of my rope is not where I imagined I was headed. I certainly didn’t envision my life and marriage would ever seem so hopeless. I will forever marvel at the gracious way God used the undoing of our own hands to build us the marriage we had only dreamed of, a marriage that had always felt out of reach. It has been a journey of mask-ripping intimacy with my husband and with my Lord, a journey that only became possible when I realized how deeply I was loved. From the Holy Land to the valleys of hellish reality in my own heart, God used my unsteady steps of faith to pave a new way under my feet that led to true freedom. And in the process I discovered something even more beautiful than perfection — truth. At every turn, Jesus continues to surprise me with unlikely grace, and now I live to share that grace with others. My passion is to encourage others to take that first step of faith out of the shadows, out of the silence of shame and silo living, because I am convinced that God can turn our biggest messes into the heartiest of ‘amens’.

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