At the Well

I witnessed a miracle last night. I’m not sure what else to call it. The enemy had destructive designs for our inaugural Women at the Well event, but the Lord, as He always does, turned the tables for the last time and wove His master plan through it all. We had our speaker. Everything was lined up plenty of time in advance. The planning team was rather relieved not to be playing a role on centre stage. We felt such peace and assurance that it was all in the hands of Jesus, every detail. Little did we know how true that was. 

Saturday morning we received word that our speaker was at the hospital bedside of her son. All day as the doctors tried to get to the bottom of her son’s debilitating pain, we waited and wondered if things would take a turn in the right direction and she might possibly be able to slip away to fulfill her speaking engagement that evening. Well, things didn’t improve and with about two hours to event start time, we knew for sure we had no speaker. 

A dear friend on the planning team scrambled to pull something together, but what she pulled from an old file folder was something she had last delivered about five years ago, and it just didn’t feel right. The evening was supposed to pivot on real life stories of how Jesus encounters us in our real life, day to day. I knew she had had a dynamic encounter with Christ just weeks before, but I also knew the hard road she had trudged leading up to that moment and that it might be too painful and personal for her to share. Nonetheless, I took a deep breath and asked her if she would ever consider sharing that encounter. At this point, we were one hour till “go” time. 

Jesus took her hand and took over. What she would never in a million years have shared if given the proper time to prepare, she shared. I sat by her side on stage, coaching her through those vulnerable moments. It was surreal to see her open up and share straight from her heart. And I’m pretty sure Jesus was right there with us on that stage. I realized that in the midst of everything that could have caused us such stress that day, God was actually working out what had been His “Plan A” all along. We could do nothing but trust Him in the moment, and He was faithful. Oh, so faithful! There was a freedom realized last night that even just hours before had felt so foreign and far off.

I know my friend touched the hearts of the women there last night. More than that, I know that God Himself did. Like I said, I witnessed a miracle. And it was beyond beautiful! If your soul is thirsty for beauty like this, come join us. Encounters with Jesus is hosting quarterly events this year called Women at the Well. I’m not sure who will be drawing the bucket out of the well, so to speak, next time, but it really doesn’t matter. Jesus is the Living Water we are all thirsty for! Our next evening gathering will be on Saturday, April 22. If you are anywhere near HRM, consider joining us.

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